"Releasing #Cancer" (Review of The Sedona Method)

So if youíve been following my blogs to this point, youíre well aware of how strongly I believe in the mind/body connection as it relates to cancer survivorship. Recently, Iíve had the distinct pleasure of reading a book that has changed my life. And taken my beliefs and practices of caring for my mind/body health to another level.

The book is called The Sedano Method. Itís written by a gentleman named Hale Dwoskin. Iíd like to use this blog to summarize what Iíve learned after reading this book and why I believe itís so relevant to those affected by cancer.

Haleís writings help people focus on the negative thought patterns that produce harmful physiological reactions like stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, jealousy, etc. But unlike most self-help books in his genre, he doesnít support trying to ďchange the way you think.Ē The human brain is supposed to think constantly and by trying to control the thoughts you have, you actually increase and propagate those negative thoughts. ďThat which you resist, persists.Ē -Lester Levenson

The Sedano Method teaches us to ďallow those feelings to exist.Ē Even to welcome them. They are perfectly natural and are supposed to be occurring. But the key is to ďreleaseĒ your intention and desire to CONTROL them. Our goal is to be at peace with their presence. Itís a scary feeling to completely relax into your thoughts and trust that they wonít hurt you. Itís in our nature to worry, and our subconscious believes that if we worry hard enough, we can avoid that which weíre worrying about. We play possible scenarios in our heads over and over again. We imagine what others will say in certain situations and how they will react to us. We replay past experiences, hoping to somehow change the outcome that weíve experienced.

Unfortunately, this mental masturbation is a massive waste of energy. The more ďair timeĒ you give your negative thoughts, the more likely they are to occur. Itís called the Law of Attraction and itís been studied for thousands of years.

And carrying on negative mental episodes is especially dangerous for cancer patients. Negativity can impact our physical bodies, ultimately decreasing the immune systemís effectiveness. Thereís now a whole branch of medicine dedicated to researching just this phenomenon. Itís called Psycho-Oncology.

So now you can see why I am so passionate about promoting a healthy mind/body relationship. And using The Sedona Method is the most effective, easy-to-use form of mental therapy Iíve ever encountered. I could actually feel myself relaxing after only one chapter! By the time I finished the book, I was able to effortlessly summon a state of mind that rivals that which I experience during deep meditation sessions.

The ultimate goal of ďThe Method,Ē is to be able to release your negative thoughts in real-time. Essentially, this means that your mind will automatically release or ignore them, prior to you even experiencing sensations like stress, anxiety, fear, etc. Admittedly, Iím not quite there yet. But Iím driven to attain this goal. Being able to call up waves of relaxation on cue will mean a different take on this life for me. You think Iím a positive influence on the cancer community now? Just you wait to see what the coming years bring. Iím not even remotely done improving my Positive Mental Attitude and I invite you to join me on the way!! :-)


So True

I completed my last chemo treatment six years ago. When I was first diagnosed I was so horrified that I would die and leave my young children and husband behind, and I was furious and felt hateful toward my body---which I thought had betrayed me. I had some great people in my life!! After my first treatment my husband took me to a friend who is an accupuncturist. I told him that I hoped the chemo was KILLING all the NASTY cells in my body. He was so calm and caring and explained to me that cancer cells are cells that have lost their identity--that my thoughts would make a big difference in providing clarity for my physical being! As I listened he really explained what you have summarized above. I found such peace! I just commented on a friends blog (http://tinyurl.com/cbpk7m) about how I started walking and would have these amazing conversations in my head with my deceased grandparents who I loved so much and who loved me! As time went on I really gained mastery---and I have peace, passion, and health, and I am committed to paying it forward before my time is done on this planet. Thanks for your commitment and your energy. Know that you have my partnership!

Learned Something New

I'm a new student to Sedona Method and I learned something new, that I did not get out of the book. Thanks

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