Amy's Story About How We Met

Amy & I on Little Traverse Bay

I'm proud to say that my wife, Amy, has written this wonderful blog entry. She has been right beside me through all of our experiences. Not the least of which has been my health. I am truly grateful that our paths met.

Now here's Amy blog.

I was having dinner with a girlfriend on a Tuesday at Jack's, in St. Clair Shores. We were sat at a table for six. Don's cousin and his wife were sat at a two-seater next to us. Don's friend came over and asked if they could sit with us. The reasoning was simple; there wasn't room at Don’s cousin’s table and we had extra seating available.

Don and I began to talk, and a few hours later we were still talking. We asked each other dozens and dozens of personal questions. He even asked me what was the greatest thing I’d accomplished so far in my life. I answered. Then I repeated the question back to him. His response: "Beating Cancer!”

I was shocked that such a young guy could have cancer. He was 34 and not one who I ‘d pictured as someone to have cancer. He was upbeat and positive.

I had been going through, and just finalized, my year-long-very-nasty-divorce, therefore finding someone new was the last thing on my mind.

Don had just bought a boat, lived in Lake Orion and had just found out about the ”Eastside.” Previously he grew up in Petoskey, went to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and moved to Novi when he graduated.

Don was pretty sure that folks downstate were just rude, unhappy, and overly aggressive. Fortunately for him, he had led himself to the Eastside. The people here very quickly reminded him of people from home.

So we talked about 5-6 hours that night; exchanged phone #s, and then he walked me out to my car. He asked: “May I hug you?” [Big Embrace] He called me 2 days later.

We dated a little more than a year. When we married in 2006 he had been in remission for over 3 years. Eventually stress and things out of our control left the door open for Don’s cancer to return in the spring of 2008.


Don has written a book and is really focused on helping other people with cancer, or those that have been touched by cancer. He is an amazing and inspiring person. After being in such a contaminating environment for so many years with my ex-husband, and his family, I was amazed at how differently Don saw life. He helped me see things differently too...positively.

On one special evening out, Don asked me if I was scared about being with him, given his past health issues. At that time I had already fallen in love with him so I said: “I love you now! It won’t hurt any less if I lose you now or later.

…(Love Story to be continued)


Coleslaw :)

Nicely written blog, which brought tears to my eyes. You two amaze me, and I am glad you found each other: To share life experiences; teach one another; and, most importantly, be there for each other. xoxoxo!

Don's greatest Inspiration...

For some reason I don't think Don's greatest was beating cancer........ I think it was finding you Amy. For you give him the will to fight each day as no other person could ever do. That makes you a lifesaver! Don, you found your one and only!!!Martin

Great story!

What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing that Amy. It's obvious you guys were just meant for each other. I remember when I met my wife we just stood for probably 4 hours and talked. At our college we were known for the couple that never sat down, we could stand and talk for hours. You have an amazing husband who is such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to hear the next part of the story!

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