Sweetie, What Are You Doing Here? :-)

(This blog is part of a scavenger hunt that I put together for my awesome wife to tell her how much I appreciate her. Sorry if you’ve stumbled across it because only she gets to play the game.)

Note #3

Amy, this gratitude game is long overdue.
For all you do, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You are my support, my rock and my island.
Teamed with you, my fortitude has been toughened.

*One note to go, the most elusive of the bunch.
“Where did he hide it?” I’ll give you a hunch…

It’s not in the dryer, spice cupboard or sink.
It’s hidden in Porn, though it’s certainly not what you think.

They fly down the mountain, launching from each snowcap,
Their sounds are throaty 2-strokes, with a familiar “Braaap!”


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