Cancer is one of the most emotional words that we have in the English language. It evokes images of death, suffering, darkness and loss of hope. But that preconceived notion is NOT the way it has to be.

I’m living, quite literally, proof that someone can have cancer many times and still lead a productive life. While there are many factors that I list in my book that I believe can contribute to your ultimate recovery, one looms larger than most…

You must absolutely BELIEVE that you are already getting healthy. Even as you’re reading this, your brain cannot differentiate between what you BELIEVE and what’s actually happening to you. But there is a catch.

When it comes to visualizing your life cancer-free, you can’t just pay it lip service. Quite the opposite actually. You need to believe it on the inside…in your mind.

If you can spend a significant amount of time each day picturing yourself healthy, it can make all the difference in your recovery. Picture the things you’ll do when you’re cured. Smell the smells that surround you in those mental pictures. Hear the sounds in the background. Feel the textures of the surrounding elements. The more vivid you make these mental images, the more your mind works to conform to the picture you’ve painted.

This Time's a Charm - (M. MacNaughton)
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