This Time's a Charm Cancer Blog

This Time's a Charm Cancer Blog

Donald Wilhelm is a four-time cancer survivor and the author of This Time's a Charm; Lessons of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor. His blog contains real-life advice for those affected by cancer. You won't find any "Debbie Downer" medical mumbo-jumbo in this blog though. No cancer statistics. No cancer outcomes. Just actual accounts and lessons learned from Donald's 9-year cancer career. I welcome your interactive feedback to this blog. Your comments and experiences can only help those seeking guidance for the first time. Or the second. Or the third. Or however many times it takes!!

Had To Say Thanks! - (Mark D., Burlington, Ontario)

"I want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a 30-yr old male who was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour last June 2008. You have an incredible outlook on life!

As I have found my way through what has seemed like a heavy fog - I have found sunshine (lately). You make me believe that I can do this Donald, and for that I thank you very much! My positive attitude is back."

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Don Wilhelm Memorial Benefit

My husband Don Wilhelm peacefully succumbed to his year relationship with Hodgkinís Lymphoma cancer on September He was a strong patient advocate helping thousands of people with their cancer experiences He believed taught and lived life with a positive mental attitude He did this through this website as well as the book he wrote Don and I had many talks about what he would like me to post on his website once he was gone He asked me to write a blog for him and post this Iíve filled my original goal here on earth It was to spend the… Read More 

Sweetie, What Are You Doing Here? :-)

This blog is part of a scavenger hunt that I put together for my awesome wife to tell her how much I appreciate her Sorry if youíve stumbled across it because only she gets to play the game Note Amy this gratitude game is long overdue For all you do thank you Thank you Thank you You are my support my rock and my island Teamed with you my fortitude has been toughened One note to go the most elusive of the bunch Where did he hide it Iíll give you a hunch Itís not in the dryer spice cupboard… Read More 

What's a "Cancer Coach" and Why Would I Want to Hire One?

A Cancer Coach is someone who can help you with the emotional experiences associated with cancer We are folks that have been through what youíre about to go through and have developed a Positive Mental Attitude through all of it Weíre people who are able to say Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me We have the innate ability to see happiness anywhere we look and we CHOOSE to do so We are described by the Old Chinese proverb To know the road ahead ask those coming back What a Cancer Coach is not A doctor a… Read More 

When's Your Next Blog Don?

Please forgive my tardiness on my blog updates currently. I Do have a valid excuse though. I just spent the last 6 days in the hospital, starting in ICU. This has kept me offline. My dance with cancer continues...Look for a new inspiring blog from me next week...!… Read More 

Amy's Story About How We Met

I'm proud to say that my wife Amy has written this wonderful blog entry She has been right beside me through all of our experiences Not the least of which has been my health I am truly grateful that our paths met Now here's Amy blog I was having dinner with a girlfriend on a Tuesday at Jack's in St Clair Shores We were sat at a table for six Don's cousin and his wife were sat at a two-seater next to us Don's friend came over and asked if they could sit with us The reasoning was simple there… Read More 
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