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"I'm Alive"

Today I get my port removed used for chemotherapy treatments I have been having chemo now for almost months in a row This being my fifth go-around with cancer in the last years I have grown a positive spirit and a deep sense that Life is perfect as it is always I wanted to convey that feeling in a blog for you my readers My hopes are that you'd read my blog be able to assess the struggles in your life and view them differently afterwards However after coming across a song by Kenney Chesney and Dave Mathews I have… Read More 

"The Island of Ziji & Cancer"

In Buddhism it is noble to face the facts of life Life hurts at times a lot nothing lasts anything can happen and we will die It is noble to face these facts not because we enjoy the pain of it all It is noble because in facing such facts we express a confidence that has no conditions a confidence that does not rely on emotional scorecards retirement funds or paychecks a confidence that stands utterly on its own- resourceful dignified and free In Tibetan Buddhism such confidence is called ziji-the indestructible confidence of primordial mind As I read this… Read More 

Monavie and Cancer

Many of you who follow my normal blogs Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter know that something different has been happening for me lately with my chemo treatments Well to clarify nothing has changed with the treatments themselves but Iíve made one small change in my routine that has me screaming up and down with excitement Iím going to attempt to fully detail this change my excitement and a recommendation for an unbelievable opportunity for all of us On June my wife brought home a bottle of MonaVie Someone in her work world that is aware of my regular treatments… Read More 

Rockstar at Rite Aid

So I was driving to Rite Aid after chemotherapy this afternoon As usual I was rocking out to different types of music on my way I love music all types As long as itís loud As I pulled into the parking lot to pick up some prescriptions I was singing I Wanna Be a Rockstar by Nickelback I find it a very fun song with great lyrics and an awesome melody I was daydreaming about the day when I might be considered a rockstar Am I the only one who does that I strolled through Rite Aid to the back… Read More 

Cancer Pie Charts

I was reading a snippet in a recent email from Cure Magazine One of their readers wrote this amazing piece of helpful advice I thought it was such a cool idea I wanted to share it with all of my readers as well Thank you to Cure and Mary W for permission to reprint this FROM MARY W The best medical advice I had after a cancer diagnosis was from a psychologist who was a cancer survivor She asked me to draw two circles and separate them into pie pieces for the different activities in my life before and after… Read More 
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