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The Benefits of Hugs

A study by University of North Carolina researchers found that hugs increase the bonding hormone oxytocin the one released during childbirth and breastfeeding and decrease the risk of heart disease In fact when couples hugged for seconds womenís levels of the stress hormone cortisol decreased as did their blood pressure Holding hands yields similar beneficial effects and itís been suggested that simply hugging and holding hands in the morning may help protect you from the impacts of stress for the rest of your day Touch also releases two feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine which may explain why a solid… Read More 

Marinol: Donít Have #Chemo Without It

Authorís Note I am not a doctor and nothing in this blog or on this website should ever be construed as medical advice Howdy Cancer Network Today I want to dedicate my blog to giving some lessons learned about taking Marinol to ease the effects of chemotherapy Itís something Iíve done for many years and I simply would not have chemo now without it But itís a complicated relationship one that requires some experience to help in planning logistics I offer my decade of chemo Marinol experience in hopes that it helps others going through treatments If youíre not taking… Read More 

"Releasing #Cancer" (Review of The Sedona Method)

So if youíve been following my blogs to this point youíre well aware of how strongly I believe in the mind body connection as it relates to cancer survivorship Recently Iíve had the distinct pleasure of reading a book that has changed my life And taken my beliefs and practices of caring for my mind body health to another level The book is called The Sedano Method Itís written by a gentleman named Hale Dwoskin Iíd like to use this blog to summarize what Iíve learned after reading this book and why I believe itís so relevant to those affected… Read More 

Steady...But a Good Kinda Steady.

As I sat in the chemo room yesterday receiving my court-ordered toxins I took some time to really reflect on the inner working of my oncologistís office from a business point of view Hereís one scene that I observed which I found of particular interest Let me know how you feel about this Chemo Day Iíve had treatments on off now for years Iíve long since stopped counting As most of you have heard Michigan and Southeast Michigan in particular is not a financially thriving locale these days And that economic implosion has now made its way into our healthcare… Read More 

Perfect Patient

People always ask me how I seem to do so well when going through chemotherapy Iím fully convinced that itís my positive mental attitude that makes the difference Let me share with you an example from my recent trip to Dr Jeffís office this past Monday When I check in at the front desk Iím handed a page check sheet that runs through a bunch of possible side effects from the chemo It ranges from nausea to nerve damage Itís a self-rating system where you circle the number to that applies to you means no issues while is about as… Read More 
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