Why Me?

You‘ve been diagnosed with cancer. Your world has been turned upside down. Your life, as it was before, ceases to exist. Now your days are consumed with medical appointments, tests, procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, blood transfusions and assorted other treatments. Seemingly overnight petty things, like slow lines at the grocery store, no longer concern you.

But you can’t seem to move past one, gnawing question. "WHY ME? Why did I get cancer? What have I done wrong to deserve this?"

I can tell you firsthand that these are perfectly normal questions. In fact, I don’t know a single cancer patient or survivor who hasn’t had these thoughts. But continually dwelling on these types of questions will not help you move forward and get cured. As soon as possible for you, you need to move past these limiting questions and replace them with empowering questions, such as “What can I learn from this experience? How can turn this into a positive in my life? What is the shortest distance from where I am to where I want to be?”

I recommend that you don’t label yourself a "cancer patient." This designation is also limiting. I think it’s crucial for you to immediately adopt a position that you are a SURVIVOR. You are a survivor just doing what needs to be done to move forward in your life. You’re going through new experiences that will change your life forever, but only if you’re open to learning from them.

"Cancer was the best thing to ever happen to me." – Donald Wilhelm, author of This Time’s a Charm; Lessons of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor.

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