Red Wings w/ Jeff (#cancer)

My good friend Jeff took me to the Red Wings game yesterday. Seats on the glass no less! You rock Darwin! This is a picture of Chris Osgood as he entertains himself as most of the action was on the other end of the ice in the first period.

When the players dump the puck into the corner, can you tell which section of the glass they most often hit? Haha! Jeff joked that we had obstructed view seats. In this one, the players are all heading back up the ice.

Here, Henrik Zetterberg tries to sell the refs that they made the wrong call. He did not win. :-)

I wish this photo would not have come out blurry. That is the single limitation of the iPhone...the camera blows! I believe this was Filppula about to be on the receiving end of a what Mickey Redmond calls a B.C. Two-Hander. I actually felt that one!

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