Gaylord, Our Cottage Up North (#cancer)

I took this with the iPhone from the top of Boyne Mountain. What an unbelievably gorgeous morning for skiing!

This is our favorite breakfast restaurant in Gaylord, MI. And it is smoke free!! Woo-whoo! They are on Main Street, look em up the next time you are in town and tell em I sent ya!

This plate belongs to my wife Amy. She does not like when the syrup touches her pancakes and makes them soggy, so she shims her plate to prevent it. Cute, huh?

This was taken while we were out snowmobiling over the Holidays. This is our good friend Teddy as he waits for his next Labatt Blue at The Keg in Waters, MI.

Also at The Keg, this is Mr. Joe Bechamp speaking in the hushed tones he is known for. BECHAMP!!!!!!

This is my wife, Amy during the same stop at The Keg. Photogenic and then some...

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