Spring 09: What Cancer Can't Do

Here is a pic of my lovely wife Amy. We were heading down to the Red Wings Game 7 against Anaheim in our friend Brian\'s limo. No, she does NOT normally drink 2 Budlights at a a time, she is holding mine while I maneuver the iPhone to take this photo.

This is Cousin Dave from my book, This Time\'s a Charm. This day we were launching his boat, Pescatore, for the 2009 season.

Only in Gaylord, MI would you find a photo opportunity such as this! But seriously, if you needed services for your septic system, why would you NOT call these guys?

These are the glowing embers left after Amy & I had dinner around our firepit. This is my favorite part of a bonfire. Most people have gone inside the house and it is very quiet. I just stare at the coals and watch the reds & oranges shift back & forth

We were at Gobblers in Gaylord, MI for dinner with Mom-in-Law. I told them that I was buying dessert and this is what they came up with. ;-)

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