Reader Reviews

Rock on with the PMA (Janine H., Plano, TX)

“I read your book and couldn't put it down! I laughed, cried, and kept flipping those pages, not just because I wanted to desperately hear a happy ending, but also because, frankly, it was a damn good read. It's amazing how you write so honestly. Your readers must sense it.”

Words Aren’t Enough (Hollie S., Nation of Malta)

It was truly a beautiful story, the advice, the quotations and absolutely everything about it. I cried towards the end because you are an absolute inspiration.

Your character really shines within this book, and I feel like I know you already. Your story made me laugh and smile and appreciate what I have.

I wish you could have heard what I was thinking while reading your book, because words can not explain how your book has helped me!

Don you are a miracle!!!!!

Bloody Brilliant! (Sarah G., United Kingdom)

I was sitting down mid-morning, book in hand, in the peace and quiet that rarely befalls our household. I started reading…. before I knew it, the family were all arriving home awaiting their evening meal! I was so captivated from the very first page that the entire day had just sailed by!

I cried real tears and laughed so hard my ribs started to hurt. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and it just springs up from each and every page! Reading your book has enlightened me as to what an emotional journey Cancer is.

Basically I felt your book was… Bloody Brilliant!!

So…now I’ve read the book…when can I see the movie ???

Loved It! (Amanda C., Chicago, IL)

"Just finished reading your book, loved it. I'm a 3-time survivor. My first cancer was 16 years ago. Hodgkin's... your book brought back several memories of that time. Good and bad...

Made me laugh and cry. My second cancer was 4 years ago. I am now recovering from Breast Cancer and am going thru the " what is next " part of my cancer life. Your book really inspired me to stop thinking that way - move on and think positive. I need to do that in order to stay healthy for my son and husband, thank you for inspiring me and others. :)"

Loved the book! (Angela D-B., Jersey Shore, NJ)

"Well, I finally finished the book and what can I say..Amazing, Bravo, Heartful, get the box of Kleenex, know exactly what you mean, I can go and on, but wow, Donald what a story..I loved (the prank that you pulled on) the resident in chapter 13. I can only imagine the look that was on her face.."

Your Book/My Surgery (Christine D., Hartford, CT)

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book, which I finally had time to read when I had surgery this past Friday. I don't have cancer myself, but I am an oncology nurse- formerly for an office much like the one you describe where you are being treated, and currently in a moderate-size hospital.

Long story short, my surgery was pretty miserable, so I want to thank you for the laughs (I particularly enjoyed the pre-stem-cell treatment description) and to tell you that I photocopied page one of Chapter 2 and highlighted the part about not all doctors being good and the part about the "God Complex" and put it up on my board, in hopes that my ass-of-a-doctor would see it. He didn't, but it amused me all the same. :-)"

Had To Say Thanks! - (Mark D., Burlington, Ontario)

"Your blog on i2y is amazing. This is how I found you, and I congratulate you on your success.

I want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a 30yr old male who was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour last June 2008. You have an incredible outlook on life, and I will be purchasing your book (which I can't wait to read by the way!). I enjoy your humour and your wit.

As I have found my way through what has seemed like a heavy fog - I have found sunshine (lately). You make me believe that I can do this Donald, and for that I thank-you very much! My positive attitude is back."

Incredible Resource! - (Amy Crandall, Author Growth Hurts: A True Journey)
"I recommend This Time's the Charm for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is a cancer survivor, or has a loved one battling this disease. Not only does it educate around what the experience of cancer is like, it gives a positive sense of direction and is chock full of humor in the perfect places. I laughed, cried, cringed, and was left with a positive sensation of what is possible."

Amazingly Moving! - (Toni Periatt)
"I would like to take this chance to thank you for writting this book about some of the most private parts of your life.. The reason for this email is because you have helped me understand so much of this aweful cancer you have suffered from and why it is a constant concern. I was so happy to get the book that I read it in one sitting. After a few days I picked it up again and read it again! I knew since I read through it so fast I may have missed things.... And of course the book was much more to me after the second time around. I feel that I truley understand the reason for you writting this book..."

Get Real! - (M. Rafter, Author The Wealth Manifesto)
"First of all - don't be thinking this is one of those Chicken Soup for Cancer Patient's Soul books. This starts out as a knock down and drag it out into the streets bar fight with an evil and pernicious foe. It's a real, mad, occasionally profane and always engaging look at one man's raw journey with the Big C. Early on you start to see where the positive and life-embracing attitude he ultimately adopts to save his life has its roots, in his sense of humor. There is practical wisdom here as well as the anger gives way to living life to its fullest. How to deal with "God's waiting room" where you know some of your fellow chemo patients might not be back for "next season." The (spot on accurate) recommendation that mental therapy should be the gold standard, prescribed along with chemo or radiation Learning whom your real friends are and how not to lose hope. After Don passes on yet another medical procedure and literally, takes his life into his own hands, he shortly afterwards meets the woman of his dreams. She asks him what he considers his greatest accomplishment in life. When he answers, "I'm a cancer survivor," you cannot help but cheer for him. This Time’s a Charm is absolutely worth reading. The closing thoughts that he includes in Chapter 24 alone are worth reading for anyone - whether you have cancer or not."

A must read!! - (Linda Forsythe)
"This Time's a Charm contains wisdom, encouragement and words of hope, for those facing Cancer...and an absolute "must read" for friends and loved ones. This book can awaken the inner healer in all of us!” - Linda Forsythe...Founder of Mentors Magazine, and Walking With the Wise book series.

Emotional Trip - (D. Hamilton on 22 July 2008)
"Wow. I have been putting off reading this book knowing that it would stir up some deeply buried emotions in me. Frankly I had no idea that the author would do such a good job at bringing to life the events surrounding his cancer. This story definitely exudes raw emotion. If you have cancer, I would expect that this book might not only impart some wisdom but also provide an avenue by which to understand the emotional rollercoaster you are going through. If you know someone with cancer, this book should provide you with a bit more insight into exactly what is happening in their life through the various stages of treatment. Be there for them... this disease can be a lonely one and to be there for someone in need obviously leaves a lasting impression…on both of you."

This Time's a Charm - (M. MacNaughton)
"If you have never HAD cancer and if you HAVE cancer or if you HAD cancer please don't hesitate to purchase this book! The author has opened up his world for all to see and experience through his eyes. The world you will enter is exciting and at times will take your breath away. You will feel his courage and zest for survival. This book will open your mind, touch your heart and awaken your soul. For me, this book was worth its weight in gold as it open my eyes to survival, courage, pain, happiness and hope!"

Truly Inspiring! – (Nick Jag Author of MySpace Marketing)
“…a true inspiration and definitely recommended!”

An honest reveal of cancer and its treatments! - (K. Harbrecht)
"I loved your book! Thank you sooooo much for writing and sharing your journey. You've given me a new outlook for my dear friend whose battling brain cancer. I will read the last 3 pages of your book over and over..."

Shining Example! - (Matthew Zachary, CEO of I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation & Host of “The Stupid Cancer Show”)
“This Time’s a Charm is…as authentic of a ride as one can get when dealing with Stupid Cancer.”

Read how this author dealt with and triumphed over cancer - 4-times! Buy This Time's a Charm!