Sperm Banking & Fertility Preservation

Before you have any procedures, chemo or any other treatments related to cancer, please read this page.

One thing you really need to understand is that a lot of oncologists don't mention anything about sterility. I understand that in most cases the patient is terrified and the doctor is anxious to administer his/her life-saving techniques. But as a cancer patient, you need to understand that there is a very likely chance that chemotherapy, for instance, will cause you to be sterile. You won't be able to have kids in the future, at least not in the traditional sense.

Additionally, radiation and even anesthesia can cause temporary to permanent fertility loss.

You need to consult with your oncologist and understand your fertility preservation options. If you're a guy, you need to consider banking sperm. And if you're a woman, your option would be to freeze some of your eggs. Ask you doctor about it, and then call your health insurance company to find out if you're covered. I was covered for all the initial costs and now I just have to pay a small annual storage fee, $60.

I will tell you guys something though, this process is embarrassing. I'm telling you right up front, so get over yourself. If you want to bank sperm, you've got to get them out of your body and into a test tube for freezing in short order. Guess how that happens? Yep, you actually go to a fertility or cryobank clinic and they have a room specially designed for you to make this happen. Mine had leather couches and an armchair. Oh, and plenty of nudie magazines. The lighting was low and it was just simply creepy!

I'll tell you a not so funny story, when I went to bank my sperm; the building that my clinic is in was under construction. Guess where those construction workers were working? Right outside the room where I had to go to "collect semen." Talk about embarrassing, I had to come out of that creepy room with a vile of my own sperm and walk past 3-4 snickering construction workers! And if I can get through that experience, y'all need to check your egos to the curb and get this done!

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